Pink Flamingo 20oz

Glass Smoothie Cups

High quality borosilicate glass

Food grade thermal silicone sleeve

2 Drinking lids & metal straw – Perfect for hot and cold drinks

Lightweight & durable

All materials 100% recyclable & BPA free

Dishwasher safe


Our smoothie cups come with 2 lids and a metal drinking straw, ideal for your favourite hot and cold drinks. Designed with performance and style in mind, our thermal sleeve and splash proof lid protects your hands from hot liquids and prevents any unwanted spills
Neon Kactus glass smoothie cups are hand blown from high grade borosilicate glass. Unlike plastic or metal, our smoothie cups will not taint the flavour of your drink guaranteeing a crisp and pleasurable drinking experience
Neon Kactus smoothie cups are 100% plastic free and use only fully recyclable materials. Our uniquely designed thermal sleeve and splash proof lid are made from food grade silicone. Neon Kactus glass smoothie cups are certified to be free from all harmful chemicals and toxins
Neon Kactus smoothie cups are easy to clean, stain/odour resistant and both dishwasher and microwave safe. Each Neon Kactus reusables saves 750 disposables from landfill - use your Neon Kactus everyday and join us on our journey to Create A Better Tomorrow!
Neon Kactus have partnered with non-profit Offset Earth to fully offset our carbon footprint and support a Climate Positive Workforce.

One Tree Planted

Trees purify our air, create habitats for biodiversity and enrich our wellbeing by neutralising the carbon in our atmosphere. For every Neon Kactus reusable purchased on our website we plant a tree to help reforest our planet and Create A Better Tomorrow!