Reusable Coffee Cups

Create A Better Tomorrow

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Reusable Coffee Cups

Create A Better Tomorrow

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We’re here for the style seekers and the game changers, fusing fashion with function to create a better tomorrow!

Neon Kactus are committed to reducing the use of none reusable products, plastic and all other unsustainable materials in order to protect our planet.

Come join us!


Around the world, one million disposable cups are used and discarded every minute. Neon Kactus reusable coffee cups
are an eco- friendly alternative, made from high quality materials that are fully recyclable after use.


Together we can protect our planet one reusable at a time!


The stylish design of our reusable coffee cups means that whether you’re at work, on the go or in your favourite coffee shop, you will never want to be without your Neon Kactus Cup.


Choose one of our fun and vibrant colours that suits your style.


Our reusable coffee cups are designed to fit perfectly into your on the go lifestyle and mirror your daily coffee shop experience. Neon Kactus cups will bring you pure drinking joy.

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